Thursday, 23 February 2012

Marcel Clark - Resume

Howdy! I happen to be one of many team leaders of FoxyStilezArticles, a global web content writing group. We post in Spanish and English for global web readers, and are at hand for written content generation for your blog. Below you can find my curriculum vitae, and you may be able to read other team leaders and writers' resumes on this website. At the bottom of my curriculum vitae, you're going to look at some illustrations of our exhibited articles. For work requests, you should mail us with the contactform on this webpage and one of us will answer as soon as can be.


Marcel Clark

2704 Boston Street

New Jersey Trenton


Graduated With Honors from The University Of Toronto

10 years of writing experience (especially for Internet readers)

Great competency in English and Spanish

Dedicated, staff-oriented individual with a knack for particulars

Business Experience

FoxyStilezArticles, Paris France

2001 - Present

Group Senior Officer

Answerable for setting up a global staff of authors to meet a demanding set of development aims.

- Set records for production, improving output by 12% throughout the world

- Accurately maintained regular records of job distribution

- Addressed quality control for world-wide output across a sizable staff of freelancers

Special Skills and Abilities

Proficient in English and Spanish

Innovative competence with a full range of office computer software

Examples of Publicized Articles

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