Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Boston Whine Party

I think John Kerry is looking to replace Al Gore as the top "I lost to George W. Bush but really didn't" guy in the Democratic Party. He's going to lose that race as well (hey, Al Gore will actually win). Kerry lost Ohio by over a 100,000 votes, whereas Gore lost Florida by less than 1,000; so the moonbats can more easily come up with their "the election was stolen" scenarios with Gore. The county (Cuyahoga) where most of the claims of voting problems are coming from is run by Democrats. So if Kerry wants to take someone to task over the alleged irregularities, it should be the members of his own party.

And the worst part is that he said these things on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. King fought against real problems in this country and Kerry tarnishes that by whining about a false scandal.

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  1. Martin Luther king has been a great activist who is known for his untiring efforts for his people. Kerry is no comparison to him in my opinion.