Saturday, 10 December 2011

Phoenix Water Problems

I was at the gym this morning. After I had finished working out I went to take a shower, only to find the showers closed off. This is why.

Phoenix's 1.4 million residents, as well as residents in the western half of Paradise Valley, were encouraged Tuesday to boil their tap water until at least noon Wednesday, and also to limit what water they do use.

City officials blamed a turbidity problem they discovered during testing Monday night: Muddy water due to recent storms was flowing into one of the city's two operating water treatment plants, reducing the output of that plant.

Two other water treatment plants are shut down due to routine maintenance and another is off line because of water damage, leaving only one of the city's five water treatment plants producing water at full capacity

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  1. It is the responsibility of the local government to take immediate steps to resolve this serious problem. It can lead to many health issues among the public. Clean water is everyone's right.